Porcelain 22cm Specialised Soup Plate x 6
Porcelain 22cm Specialised Soup Plate x 6

Porcelain 22cm Specialised Soup Plate x 6

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Product Description

The unisono PLUS plate is the perfect eating aid for seniors or people with disabilities! It works like a raised porcelain plate but looks completely inconspicuous.

Makes it easier to eat independently

At the edge of the plate, the food falls by itself onto a spoon or fork

High quality porcelain 

Stylish alternative to raising the plate rim

This eating aid is a great alternative to increasing the rim of the plate: The inner rim of the plate is shaped as an inconspicuous sliding edge that runs back inwards at the top. Thanks to this special shape, the dishes are no longer pushed over the edge of the plate, but automatically fall back onto the cutlery.

However, this auxiliary function cannot be seen on the plate. It fits perfectly into a "normal" table setting. Nobody is marginalized by having to use an obvious tool. The noble material also contributes to enjoyment. It just tastes better from a real porcelain plate!

The Unisono PLUS plate makes it easier to eat independently and ensures more enjoyment and enjoyment at mealtimes. This can even prevent loss of appetite and malnutrition in old age.

The Unisono PLUS plate is available in white as well as with a coloured rim (coloured rim). The colour red offers the clearest contrast and is best visible for people with impaired vision.

The unisono PLUS plate is an ideal eating aid for ...

  • Parkinson's patients
  • Stroke patients (facilitates one-handed eating)
  • People with dementia
  • For the blind and visually impaired (if the box is red)
  • For people with disabilities
  • For seniors
  • For people with swallowing disorders (facilitates the intake of creamy foods)
  • Material: hard-wearing hard-paste porcelain, dishwasher-safe
  • Dimensions: diameter 22 cm, total height: 4 cm, stand diameter (base): 15 cm
  • Weight:  approx. 580 g

Glenn Knight CEO Training 2 CARE Group Comments "The ability to give choice to people with all types of conditions is of paramount importance.  Being able to have a plate that is made from porcelain gives dignity and respect back to the people we support.  There are so many advantages and if you watch the video you will see the massive benefits of this range."