Training 2 CARE UK Ltd was formed initially to offer care providers high quality training at the most competitive pricing in the marketplace.

Innovative, outstanding, reliable and life adjusting are just some of the words that our customers use when describing the work that we do at Training 2 CARE. 

Specialising in Experiential, Mandatory, and clinical training, each year we deliver courses to over 300,000 delegates across England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. 

Our unique service to our clients gives them the peace of mind of knowing that their staff have been trained to the highest standards.  Fully employed (sector competent) engaging trainers, hundreds of thousands of pounds invested in practical equipment, and amazing support infrastructure, ensures that we are the training partner that supports you to achieve the highest standards.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Training 2 CARE and Experience Training have a mission to provide the highest quality, practical and powerful training that embeds good practice and changes standards and lives for all.

We are committed to improving the quality-of-care training by focusing on unique, research backed courses that are impactful and teach people why there is a need to adjust and improve.

Allowing people to have a window into the world of people that have a disease, condition, disability, or syndrome, we recognise that we can help staff to champion change, adjust their thinking and build an empathic care provision filled with dignity and respect.

Our History

Our History

Training 2 CARE was founded on 1st February 2010 by Managing Director Glenn Knight with the vision of changing the way that training is delivered in the UK.  From its inception, a dedication to improving standards was embedded throughout the organisation.  From various meetings with care providers, Glenn quickly realised that to become a market leader Training 2 CARE needed to be different.  The wording 'outside provider' was constantly mentioned and this became the initial change that Glenn wanted to make as a company, and the decision was made to strive to embed Training to Care as a partner rather than a supplier. 

The second target for the whole organisation was to solve the 3 other main issues that care providers mentioned:

  1. Reliability
  2. Quality
  3. Resilience

It very quickly became apparent that for the organisation to become a benchmark partner, Training 2 CARE had to be different and stand out from the crowd.  Ensuring that we overcame to 3 main issues became paramount to success and Training 2 CARE made the commitment to fully employ their staff rather than use 'freelance trainers'.  This ethos has been very successful and still remains today with over 50 staff specifically employed to service our client's needs.

In 2013, Training 2 CARE became the UK's sole provider and partner of the amazing experiential training, The Virtual Dementia Tour.  This scientifically and medically proven method of giving a person with a healthy brain an experience of what dementia might be like, has taking the UK by storm.  Now viewed as the UK's benchmark dementia training, the Virtual Dementia tour has been experienced by over 1 million people in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. 

In 2017, Glenn created the Autism Reality Experience after research with 150 autistic people to help delegates understand the over stimulation that is experienced daily by the Autistic community.  Initially launched in 2019, this fantastic course is celebrated across the UK and is quickly becoming the go to training for anyone that comes into direct or indirect contact with Autistic people. 

In 2020, during the height of lockdown, the Dementia Interpreters course was born and quickly followed by the Dementia Dictionary.  This course teaches delegates how to start to translate the 'Language of Dementia' and continually develop their skills to re-connect with the people they serve.

Training 2 CARE Group of individual companies, now deliver over 200 courses to 300,000 people per year and the whole team are proud to continue to develop the future of care training in the country.