Anna Kennedy Bio

Anna Kennedy Bio

Anna Kennedy Online is a small charity with a big heart that raises Autism Awareness like no other mainstream charity, we are not conventional nor traditional.

Anna Kennedy OBE the founder and her team of volunteers are passionate about helping society and raising Autism Awareness and promoting acceptance across the globe by making a difference through our dedication to reaching out and supporting communities.

Dr Anna Kennedy OBE, founder of the Anna Kennedy Online charity and shares her journey and experiences…

Our UK Autism Charity Anna Kennedy Online is going from strength to strength supporting and sharing information to many families and adults diagnosed on the Autism spectrum. Ever since I started my own journey with my own boys Patrick and Angelo and wanting to help and support those who like them have a diagnosis of an Autism spectrum condition I am frustrated and disappointed with the lack of facilities and support across the UK.

Of course, Autism spectrum conditions does not just affect children and teenagers this is a lifelong condition for many people who can often face perplexing problems such as behaviour difficulties and many overlapping conditions such as Dyslexia, Obsessional Compulsive Disorder etc. The facilities are beginning to improve however, with Local Authorities and Charities being hit with cuts it is an ongoing battle.

Families and carers need respite breaks, access to better educational facilities and help with finding employment for their children – it is difficult enough for all young people looking for work these days so having a diagnosis of an autism spectrum condition can makes it even harder, and sadly for many they simply give up trying because of a lack of response and understanding from employers. 

I have seen, this directly through my own two sons who are on the spectrum, and through countless encounters and discussions with many young and older people just how much they have to offer. As I said in my book individuals like my sons are ‘Not Stupid’ just different, and often with enormous skills, intelligence and the ability to master many complex tasks and projects.

Therefore, it is so important that all of us who are involved with and diagnosed with Autism spectrum should continue to fight hard and make our voices heard in improving educational and other resources for individuals, their families and carers. I also know that there is a huge demand for help, support and advice among the growing community of people whose children or loved ones are touched by autism.

Since we launched Anna Kennedy Online, we have seen visits to the site grow enormously as more people discover what we are about and can offer and contribute their experiences, tips and advice that can help others who are looking for help. I have been truly humbled by the number of emails and letters I receive from people telling me that they have at last found somewhere they can turn to for help and support. You can see my journey further below which includes some amazing experiences that I would love to share with you, I’m so fortunate to have a fantastic team. 

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