Aston Avery

Aston Avery Aston and his mother will be discussing their experience when going through the Autism Reality Experience together, with Aston giving his endorsement about the Autism Reality Experience and how it relates to his own autistic sensory overload.  


Aston has autism, multiple allergies and a colostomy. He also, with the support of his parents, runs a local charitable organisation called TEAMAVERYESSEX. Aston's pamper project gifts back to the local heroes and they also help assist helping others raise funds for their own charities. He takes a short film into schools and groups, highlighting his diagnosis and mental health difficulty and how he is, where he is today, and the film is called, This Is Me. His trademark statement is "my name is Aston Avery and I am autistic and I am proud. My mum, Dawn Avery, speaking with me, has written her own book on my journey, called From a Tear to Here.

Find more about what they do, on their website: