Training 2 Care on The Chrissy B Show

The Chrissy B Show on Sky TV is the only regular TV programme dedicated to discussing mental health and wellbeing topics. Glenn Knight, Training 2 Care's managing director was recently on the show to talk about the Autism Reality Experience. You can see his full appearance on the show in the video below:



During the interview Glenn talks about how the Autism Reality Experience allows those not on the Autism spectrum a greater understanding of how sensory overload can adversely affect your ability to undertake everyday tasks. 

Chrissy and Glen also discuss the origins of the Autism Reality Experience and how it took over two years to develop from conception to being launched. Glenn explains how Training 2 Care worked alongside focus groups of Autism sufferers to help ensure that the experience was as realistic as possible. We returned to the focus groups time and time again until over 90% of all the autism sufferers we consulted agreed that it was a realistic representation of challenges they faced.

They continued to speak about Training 2 Care's collaboration with Anna Kennedy Online. Anna Kennedy is an organisation that promotes Autism Awareness and strives to make a difference to the lives of Autism suffers through methods which it claims are 'neither conventional nor traditional'.

During the Chrissy B Show interview Glenn discussed with Chrissy how the original Autism Reality Experience had developed in recent years in order to provide this powerful training tool to more people and organisations that are likely to benefit from the experience. They talked about how it had gone from being a 'one size fits all' model to offering different variants of the experience tailored to parents, schools, carers, healthcare professionals and, most recently, the police. In fact, Training 2 Care recently delivered the Autism Reality Experience to 113 first responders and Glenn explained how they felt the experience would help them in their roles within the emergency services.

During one of the more emotional parts of the TV interview, Glenn talked about the reactions from parents of Autistic children after going through the Autism Reality Experience. He explained how many were overcome with emotion when they started to understand the challenges faced by their children on a daily basis. This is, ultimately, the aim of the experience, to allow anyone to get a better understanding of what it is like to live with a condition on the Autism Spectrum.

Glenn finishes the interview talking about what participants in the Autism Experience can expect on the day of the training. He also discusses what the future holds for the experience which is being constantly developed and improved to offer a better experience to those looking for a greater understanding of the condition.

You can find out more about the Autism Reality Experience in the courses section of our website and book the experience online.