Autism Experience

The Autism Reality Experience from Training 2 Care affords a valuable insight into the daily challenges faced by those suffering from conditions on the Autism spectrum. We have been running these experiences for several years and, during this time, have received an exceptional amount of positive feedback from carers, medical professionals and friends & family of those with Autism. In the following video we can see just a small part of the great feedback we have received along with some of our favourite photos from the past few years of running the Autism Reality Experience:



Some of our feedback to date:


"Thankyou to Lynwood Nursery for inviting me on their Autism Reality Experience training yesterday. I have been advising the nursery on their sensory room. The immersive autism experience really gave people a sense of what sensory overload can feel like, giving an insight into the difficulties this creates and the adjustments we need to make."

Lynwood Nursery offer childcare with a particular focus on helping those with Autism or conditions on the autistic spectrum. By organising the Autism Reality Experience, they helped their staff to better understand the effects of Autism/sensory overload and how they can create challenges in completing everyday tasks.

The Wilf Ward Family Trust has, for over 30 years, been offering support to carers by providing day facilities and residential respite units. They also offer living accommodation and residential care services for families with special needs. The trust is commited to the best possible understanding of those suffering with life-long conditions therefore allowing them to offer the most effective relief and care. To this end, the Wilf Ward Trust enlisted the Autism Reality Experience to afford its staff, volunteers and families an invaluable insight into the challenges of living with Autism or conditions on the autism spectrum. The Experience was universally well received and here is just a small sample of the wonderful feedback we had from the event:


"One of the best training sessions I've had around Autism. All people working within Autism should have this training"

"10/10 recommended. Good for understanding the behaviours of people with autism and other learning disabilities"

"Very good, all knowledge was excellent, bus experience was amazing!"

"One of the best training sessions I have done to date. I feel like I have more of an understanding of how people see the world"

Shortly before our visit to the Wilf Ward Family Trust, the Autism Reality Experience was hosted at Bishop Grosseteste University in Lincoln. Once again, the participants offered nothing but praise for the Autism Reality Experience and our experienced trainers: 


"Excellent experience in the bus, very interesting feedback/lecture"

"A very different approach, the sensory overload provided a great way to 'sense', certainly provided food for thought"

"The trainer was very informative, clearly (and helpfully) combining his personal experiences along with theory to provide illuminating examples" 

This is just a very small sample of the fantastic feedback we continue to receive about the effectiveness of the Autism Reality Experience. You can find out more about the Autism Reality Experience at our website and read more testimonials from carers, health professionals and family & friends of those living with Autism.