Autism Reality Experience for Carers

The Autism Reality Experience has been described as 'Must Have' training for those caring for people who have conditions on the Autistic Spectrum. The experience simulates the daily challenges that are faced by people with Autism and those that suffer from sensory overload. In this video, we get feedback from some career carers and healthcare professionals who have undertaken the Autism Reality Experience:



The first gentleman to take the experience was a carer and admitted that the Autism Reality Experience was "An eye-opener" and went on to say that "People don't realise how Autism affects people". The Training 2 Care Autism Reality Experience aims to open the eyes of non-sufferers to the challenges faced by those with conditions on the Autism spectrum. Another lady, also in healthcare, described the experience as "Making me feel extremely disoriented and out-of-control" a feeling commonly experienced by Autism sufferers.

One healthcare professional who works with adults with learning difficulties as well as those with non-verbal conditions described to Autism Reality Experience as " A very powerful experience" and another as "An incredible experience".

Another lady interviewed after taking the experience describes it as being "Un-nerving, very overwhelming and disorientating" but admitted that "It really opened my eyes as to how someone with Autism feels". At the Training 2 Care website you can Find Out More about our Autism Reality Experience and seem more feedback and testimonials from those who have undertaken the experience as well as booking online.