Dementia Interpreter

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The experiential Dementia Interpreters course is the next generation of training that is specific for people who have dementia. 

One of the most vital aspects of supporting people with dementia is being able to recognise and understand the changes in communication that will inevitably happen while on their personal journey of dementia.

The dementia interpreter course shows the impact on communication and the need for staff to start to understand and translate the language of dementia.

The course is designed to enable delegates to communicate more effectively with those who have dementia. To recognise that behaviours are often a way of communication which need to be translated to improve the quality of life of people with this disease. 

Part of the course is experiential training using special equipment which will gradually decrease your ability to communicate effectively.

You will therefore experience the communication barriers on various levels as if putting you in the shoes of someone with dementia.

On completion of the course delegates will become registered Dementia Interpreters having the option to participate with the global society of Dementia Interpreters through the Interpreter Forum on the superb Dementia Dictionary helping improve the lives of people with dementia. 

Timings of the day  

Session 1 10.00 13.00

Session 2 13.30 16.30

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