Diabetes Including Insulin (Nurses)

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Course Details
Diabetes Including Insulin (Nurses)
Course Length:

3 hours

Maximum Number of Attendees:


Course Description:

This diabetes awareness and insulin administration courseaims to improve the delegates knowledge and understanding of diabetes. 

The course is aimed at Health Care Assistants/Support Workers who are responsible for the day to day management of individuals with diabetes 

Learning Outcomes and Assessment Criteria:

What this course offers:

  • Introduction What is Diabetes

    • Gain knowledge of Diabetes Mellitus:

      • Type 1

      • Type 2

      • Gestational

    • Understand what goes wrong

    • Dietary recommendations

  • Complications of Diabetes:

    • Understand causes and treatment for: 

      • Hypoglycaemia

      • Hyperglycaemia

      • DKA

    • Identify emergencies and how to deal with such circumstances

    • Identify complications that can be avoided

  • Blood Sugar Monitoring:

  • Insulin:

    • Consent, confidentiality, chaperoning, privacy, and dignity

    • Understand the different types of insulin

    • Explain how insulin works

    • Identify appropriate injection sites

    • Injection techniques

    • Support in self administration of insulin

    • Appropriate documentation

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