Care Planning

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Course Details

Learning Aims and Outcomes

Course Title: Care Planning

Course length – 3 hours

Maximum number to attend - 15

This course is aimed at all staff working in the Health and Social Care sector who have the responsibility of assessing and planning care.

Learning Outcome

Assessment Criteria

Introduction – The Care Planning Process

•     Explain the care planning process

•     Explain how the person-centred care planning process differs from other forms of planning

•     Discuss how personal beliefs and preferences might influence the care planning and the person-centred care planning processes

Assessment Process

•     Explain the assessment process

•     The key worker in individual assessment

•     The team leader in individual assessment

Outline how this information may be gathered

•     Explain the role of observation


Risk Assessment

•     Define ‘risky behaviour’

•     Describe how risk could be assessed

•     Outline how they would incorporate this into the care planning process


Planning the Delivery of Care

•     Explain how care will be planned to meet identified needs

•     Explain how unmet needs will be identified and acted upon

•     Outline the individual’s role in setting goals

Implementation of Care Plans

•     Explain the role of the care worker/team leader when implementing care

•     Explain how the care team become involved in the implementation of the care plan

•     Outline how the competence of teams can be assessed to ensure that they are able to deliver the care plan

•     Discuss the role of family and significant others in delivering care


Evaluate Plans and Processes


•     Identify the possible implications of care plans not being adhered to

•     Explain the possible implications of care plans not being adhered to


Storage of Care Plans

•       Discuss how information can be stored

•       Describe the legal framework that governs the storage of information

•       Discuss the principles of information release 



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