Outcome Based Care Planning

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Learning Outcome

Assessment Criteria

Introduction to outcomes-based care planning

         Define what is meant by an outcome in relation to care plans

         Outline the legislative framework

         Explain the difference between processes, outputs and outcomes

Why use this approach to care and support

         List why outcomes-based approaches are beneficial to the organisation as well as individuals using services

         Describe what priorities individuals have in relation to care and support

         Describe the shift in thinking from task focused care to outcomes focused approaches

The different types of outcomes

         Describe the different types of outcomes

         Outline some ideas for reaching outcomes with people who receive care and support

         Explain the importance of a whole systems approach

Putting outcomes into practice

         Explain the importance of conversations with people who receive care and support

         List some extra considerations for outcomes-based approaches

         Explain why it is important to measure outcomes

         Describe how outcomes can be measured effectively

         The challenges of an outcomes based approaches and how to overcome them

         Demonstrate how to focus on outcomes based care planning by use of a case study.

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