Palliative Care

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Course Details

Learning Aims and Outcomes


Course Title: Palliative Care


Course length – 3 hours

Maximum number to attend - 15


This course is aimed at all staff in health and social care. 

At the end of the training session, there is a short written assessment to evidence the learning of the attendees

Learning Outcome

Assessment Criteria

Introduction - Palliative Care

·         Define palliative care

·         Explain the importance of working as a team

·         Outline the role of other professionals involved in palliative

The Values of Palliative Care

·         Describe ways to support the individual to live as actively as possible until death

·         Understand the emotional, social and spiritual needs of individuals

·         Explain what is meant by the terms “culture” and “diversity”

·         Describe various cultural differences in end of life care

Communication Skills

·         Describe different methods of communication methods that can be used to people who may difficulty communicating.

·         Explain the importance of keeping open lines of communication for the individual you are supporting

·         Explain the importance of promoting autonomy and choice.

·         Explain the decision-making process and how to support someone to make informed decisions.

Supporting with Distressing Symptoms

·         Explain how to identify pain in individuals who are unable to communicate verbally

·         Describe what can be done to support someone whose condition is deteriorating

·         Describe what can be done to help relieve pain.

·         Describe ways to respond to difficult questions and situations.

Advanced Care Planning

·         Understand what advanced care planning is and when it is needed

·         Explain what a living will and advanced decision is and when they are valid.

·         Explore issues surrounding capacity

·         Describe the role of other professionals and how they can help with advanced care planning

Preparing for Facing Death

·         Explore taboo surrounding death and discuss what can be done to support a good death for an individual.

·         Describe the five stages of grief in the Kubler-Ross Model

·         Explain the actions to take in the event of an unexpected death.

·         Describe the process of last offices and last rites.

·         Describe health and safety considerations that need to be made when dealing with a deceased person

·         Explain ways to support loss and bereavement.


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