Train The Trainer Dementia

Full Day 6 hour Course

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Training 2 CARE (UK) Ltd, Learning aims and outcomes.

Course Title: Dementia Awareness


Learning Outcome:

Assessment Criterion - The learner can:


Know about person-centred care in relation to caring for people with dementia



Understand the term 'dementia'



 Outline the differences between 'dementia', 'acute confusional states' and 'depression'

Define the concept of 'person-centred care'

Explain how person-centred care can be applied to dementia care

Identify who may be involved in the care

 Explain the role(s) they may have
Explain use of a care assessment tool to identify signs of dementia


Define the term 'dementia'


Identify the most common types of dementia


Describe the functions of the brain that are affected by dementia



Know about the importance of including family and friends of an individual with dementia in the plan of care




Explain why it is important to retain contact with the family and friends of an individual with dementia


Outline the roles that family and friends may have in the care of an individual with dementia


Describe how they would support family members and/or significant others to provide care for an individual with dementia



Know about care planning




Draw up a care plan to suit the needs of an individual with dementia


Explain how personal beliefs and preferences might have an impact on the care plan


Explain the term 'appropriate risk taking' in relation to dementia care



Know about behaviours that challenge support systems




Identify a range of behaviours that can challenge that be difficult for staff to manage

Describe ways to manage these behaviours and achieve positive outcomes




Know about the roles and functions of a range of agencies for people with dementia




Identify the different agencies working in the field of 'dementia'


Explain the roles and functions of the identified agencies



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