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Training 2 CARE (UK) Ltd, Learning Aims and Outcomes.


Course Title: Moving and Assisting (TTT)

Learning Outcome

Assessment Criteria

Module one

The learner will be able to:

Legislation, policies and procedures


  • Identify key pieces of legislation that relate to moving and assisting. (13.3a)
  • List tasks relating to moving and assisting that they are not allowed to carry out until they are competent. (13.3b)
  • Explain the importance of working in accordance with policies and procedures

Module two

The learner will be able to

The body and what can go wrong



  • Identify basic anatomy of the spine.
  • Explain the functions of various anatomy of the spine.
  • Describe how injuries can occur.
  • Demonstrate neutral posture.

Module three

The learner will be able to

Risk Assessment

  • Identify where to access risk assessments and safe systems of work.
  • Explain the importance of following safe systems of work.
  • Know the actions to take if a risk assessment doesn't reflect true practice and identify who to report it to.
  • List the 5 key steps to risk assessment.
  • Understand how to develop moving and assisting plans for service users
  • Identify issues that can arise from the risk assessment process and suggest strategies to overcome them
  • Explain the importance of following moving and assisting plans/risk assessments and demonstrate how to educate frontline staff members of their responsibilities
  • Identify when a new moving and assisting plan is necessary and how to communicate this to frontline staff

Module four

The learner will be able to

Safe Moving and Assisting Techniques.



  • Demonstrate a wide range of safe moving and assisting techniques including:
  • - Sit to stand techniques
  • - Use of standing transfer aids
  • - Use of wheelchairs
  • - Hoisting techniques
  • - Techniques for moving and personal care on a bed
  • - Use of transfer boards
  • - Use of handling belts
  • - How to promote dignity while moving and assisting
  • - How to move and assist in line with legislation and agreed ways of working (13.3c)

Module Five

The learner will be able to

Further advice and support.


  • - Identify where to access further advice and support regarding moving and assisting.

Module Six

The learner will be able to

Training techniques