Male and Female Catheterisation Inc Supra Pubic

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Product Description

Learning Aims and Outcomes

Course Title:  Male/Female, Supra Pubic Catheterisation including Aseptic Technique

Course length 5-6 hours depending on number of delegates 

Maximum number to attend 8 (minimum charge for 6)This course is aimed at Health Care Support Workers who will be undertaking catheterisation.The course provides theoretical knowledge of Male, Female and Supra Pubic Catheterisation, followed by a practical session on a mannikin.  The practical session involves catheterising using full aseptic procedure.

Learning Outcome

Assessment Criteria

Introduction - Accountability

         Understand accountability and scope of practice



         Understand the reasons for catheterising exploring indications and contraindications.

Anatomy and Physiology


         Describe the basic urinary tract system including overview and potential conditions of the bladder.

Types of Catheters


         Identify the different types of catheters and when they would be used.  This will include supra pubic.



         Fully understand the procedure for catheterising including supra pubic catheterisation.


         Describe the potential complications with catheterisation, urinary and supra pubic.

Catheter Care



         Understand the important of appropriate catheter care.

         Appropriately obtain a urine sample

         Measure urine output recognising normal/abnormal output and action required.

         Prevention of catheter acquired UTI