Our Dementia Choir: Take on Dementia July 2024

Our Dementia Choir: Take on Dementia July 2024

Our Dementia Choir

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Our Dementia Choir have kindly provided us with an exclusive recording that shows the history of the choir, a short performance from the choir themselves especially for the conference, and conversations with some of the choir members. We are incredibly thankful for the choir getting involved, and would like to extend an extra special thank you to Emma and Jess for making this happen.

‘Our Dementia Choir’ began as part of a documentary created for BBC1 in 2018. The two-part series saw acclaimed actress Vicky McClure take us on a deeply personal journey where she sets out to discover the true extent of music’s power in combatting dementia.  Vicky knows only too well the cruelness of dementia having helped care for her grandma who died in 2015.  Vicky also saw the amazing effect the music had in calming her down as well as giving glimpses of the old Nana. 

Vicky formed a choir of people all living with dementia in her hometown of Nottingham to see whether music can make a measurable difference in their lives in 2018… The result: Our Dementia Choir.

Joining forces with some of the country’s leading experts, the choir took part in ground-breaking scientific studies to measure their emotional and physical responses to singing over three months of regular sessions….proving that people living with dementia can still achieve something truly remarkable.

The choir has had such an immeasurably positive effect that its members have continued to meet since the first show aired.


Please take a look at the video below to find out more (this will open in a new window).

Our Dementia Choir: Take on Dementia July 2024