Peter's World Autism Reality Experience

Peter's World is a charitable community organisation based in Hull. The organisation was setup to provide professional support to both adults and children who suffer from Autism or any condition on the autistic spectrum. In September 2018, Peter's World held their Autism Experience Event where they enrolled the Autism Experience Bus to heap both their staff, volunteers and members of the public gain a better insight into the daily lives of those affected by autism.



The Autism Reality Experience from Training 2 Care has been developed to give a valuable insight into the challenges faced by sufferers of autism on a daily basis. This fully immersive experience is perfect for carers and anyone with family or friends on the autistic spectrum with the desire to learn more about living with the condition. The Autism Reality Experience has been proven to be a highly engaging and effective form of autism training. So, what does the Autism Reality Experience involve?

The experience is designed around the principle of synthesizing the effects of sensory overload experienced by those on the autism spectrum. This gives non-sufferers an insight as to how difficult the completion of everyday tasks can be whilst experiencing such an overload. Your actions and behaviour and closely monitored during the experience by one of our trained staff. We can then provide feedback on your experience and work with you to determine how you can better help those around you suffering with autism.

We've had some superb feedback on the Autism Reality Experience already including it being described as "The best Autism training I've done" and "A huge eye-opener". Find Out More about our Autism Reality Experience.