PK Beville, Second Wind Dreams

PK Beville, Second Wind Dreams

PK Beville

I have been focused primarily on Elder Care since 1983, at first conducting Psychological Assessments on elders with behavioural problems resulting in recommendations for the Elder Care Community (ECC) or families. This led me to consulting in Long Term Care with a focus on making the LTC environment as sensitive as possible for those suffering from dementia. I co-authored a book called Second Wind about the positive aspects of aging inside a fictitious Nursing Home.

When I founded Second Wind Dreams in 1997, I was hooked on making dreams come true for the elders and seeing improvement in the quality of life for everyone involved.

With the growth of Second Wind Dreams, my focus has become sharpened especially with regard to changing the perception of aging. As a result, I have conducted several studies on sensitivity and dementia (the Virtual Dementia Tour Series, VDT) and additional study of the types of dreams our elders request to come true.

The Virtual Dementia Tour is now expanding into other countries and other languages.

Accountability and competency of caregivers is critical to care. Our research into this has resulted in the development of the Dementia Aware Competency Evaluation (DACE) currently used in over 1,000 elder care communities.

My goal continues to be to improve our perception of aging.