Recordable Greeting Card
Interview with Brian Stickley from Talking Products
Recordable Greeting Card
Recordable Greeting Card
Recordable Greeting Card
Recordable Greeting Card
Recordable Greeting Card

Recordable Greeting Card

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Product Description

Greeting cards have never been so much fun and so important until today with the recordable greeting card, available on the Item. Having the ability to personalise a greeting is such a special way of showing the people that whatever the situation is, you are always there.  Autistic people, people who have dementia, people in hospital, respite care or any indeed any situation: that card will become important to them and give them reassurance.  Bring the family together, record a song, voice message, stick a picture to the front of the card, let a child draw a picture... the options are endless.  It really is the next best thing to you actually being there and helping to make social isolation in care a distant memory. Just some of the features:

  • Record speech, music or sound effects
  • Re-record your message as many times as you wish
  • Your recording will playback as the card is opened
  • Draw, paint or stick to create a special card for any occasion
  • Attach a photograph, drawing or artwork to any page.
  • Make your friends and family feel extra special with this amazing gift
  • Batteries included and replaceable, 3 x Button Cells, AG10 (LR1130)
  • Battery door on rear cover - New feature
  • ON/OFF switch on rear cover - New feature
  • Precious recordings are preserved forever, even if the batteries are depleted or replaced
  • Recording time: 40 seconds - New longer recording time
  • Card Size: 150 x 210 x 6mm Approx. (A5)

Glenn Knight CEO of Training 2 CARE group, Creator of the inspirational Dementia Interpreters Course comments: "I love these cards for so many reasons but most importantly, what else can prove you care as much as taking the time to really show you care for the person by giving them your voice.  People with eye conditions often cannot see cards effectively and therefor the impact that these recorded messages are going to be something that they will cherish forever.  Are these cards just for people with dementia? NO!!! they are for everyone and will have a recorded message that will live forever.  Buy your loved one a recorded gift card and make their day as special as possible."