Les Ives Family Dementia Jigsaw
Les Ives Family Dementia Jigsaw

Les Ives Family Dementia Jigsaw

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Find Memory Care
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Product Description

The importance of giving people with illnesses, syndromes, conditions or diseases easily recognisable and simple activities must not be underestimated.  At the Item.tv, we recognise this and ensure that the items you buy are right for the people we serve.  With this in mind, we have joined with Find Memory Care to offer you a range of 16 piece jigsaw puzzles that have initially been designed for people with Dementia, although they are perfect across the care spectrum.

These 16 piece jigsaws have been created to stimulate, soothe and engage people. Using a library of era-specific images we have created a product which helps keep minds and hands busy and stimulate conversation through the power of reminiscence. Obviously over time there will be updated images for a newer generation of people in care.


  • Stimulate beneficial brain activity
  • Helps maintain efficiency and capacity
  • Encourage interaction
  • Reminiscence prompt


  • 3mm die-cut pvc, Large piece jigsaw Base includes and image guide
  • Frame makes the jigsaw easier to assemble into a familiar era-specific reminiscence image.
  • Packed in a resealable sleeve that will protect and retain the pieces.

Size 16.5" x 11.75"

Weight 500g

Glenn Knight CEO Training 2 CARE Group and creator of the Dementia Interpreters Course comments " Jigsaw puzzles are not new, they are proven! Proven to stimulate conversation, encourage interaction and take away the boredom that can exist for all of us.  As the video talks about, these jigsaw puzzles have been developed with a reignition of the need for simplicity and also the ability to adapt.  Why not frame the picture? making it part of the environment and not just put into a box to never be used again.  Cleaned simply by wiping with a antiseptic cloth, these jigsaw puzzles are great for individuals but also can be used as a group activity by just sitting at a table and spending some time with the people we support.  Perfect for people in mid stage dementia."