Chewigem Chewing Bangle Pink Camo (Pack of 2)
Chewigem Chewing Bangle Pink Camo (Pack of 2)

Chewigem Chewing Bangle Pink Camo (Pack of 2)

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Product Description

The perfect non-toxic chew bangle, sensory aids or autism chew toys. These are 100% non-toxic and made from medical grade silicone. They’re easily cleaned in hot water or a steriliser and dishwasher safe. Silicone is naturally odourless so there’s no chemical smell.

This anxiety chew includes sensory bumps for extra sensory input and oral stimulation. Ideal for hand and cuff chewers redirection to the bangle helps to break habits. Ideal as an autism bracelet too and are super comfortable to wear.

Solving the need to chew, whether it be a child, teenager, or adult with any type of additional needs, chewigem can be used as a wearable solution that soothes the natural need to chew. Helps provide valuable sensory input into the jaw through chewing and biting. Especially rewarding to children and adults with special needs, autism and sensory processing difficulties, who seek additional proprioceptive input into the jaw.