Sensory Light Panel Colour Match with Sound Effects
Sensory Light Panel Colour Match with Sound Effects

Sensory Light Panel Colour Match with Sound Effects

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Product Description

Colour Match Panel is a panel that is mounted on the wall. The 9 zones, which are lighted in different colours, and an audio system that accompanies all actions with sound effects.

The main purpose of the panel is to develop colour perception skills and enhance the understanding of causation. The interactive panel can be used in therapies, it stimulates visual and auditory sensations, helps to study causal relationships and develops colour recognition skills. It has two game modes and two levels of difficulty.

It includes a built-in MP3 player and music library with more than 30 music tracks. The panel uses only LED lighting, which does not generate additional heat and does not require changing lamps. It can be used by people of all ages.

The program includes games for matching and comparison, it is possible to adjust the levels of difficulty of the exercises. Game modes develop the cognitive functions and sensorimotor sphere of the child: colour perception, memory, thinking, attention. Due to the musical effects, the Panel can be used in the corrective work of mnemonic processes (memorization, reproduction of information), and also contributes to the formation of visual-motor coordination and problem-solving strategies.

The control panel is provided by four buttons, the size, shape of which are carefully designed and facilitate their use by children with visual impairments or motor skills.

Material: Extruded acrylic, laminated chipboard, PVC, metal fasteners.

Dimensions: 1060 x 620 x 110mm

Weight, kg: 18kg.

Power supply: Mains

Rated voltage: 220 V.

Rated current frequency: 50 Hz.

Power: 60 W.

Number of modes: 2.

Age: 3+.