Night Light Platform
Night Light Platform
Night Light Platform
Night Light Platform

Night Light Platform

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Product Description

The Night Light Platform provides a low level glow, enabling you visible access to your essential possessions at night without interrupting your sleep. The seamless touch control settings allow you to go up and down the light variants with ease, one minute low light and the next a warm brighter illumination.

The item measures 400mm x 400mm.

It's ideal for your bedside table and even at its maximum brightness it will not overheat, thus protecting your furniture while in use.

The power consumption is extremely low (at less than 700mA at 5V) and even remembers your brightness setting if switched on and off.

Glenn Knight CEO Training 2 CARE Group comments, "Having the ability to simply touch a lamp to turn it on is extremely comforting at night and without the threat of knocking it over and causing an issue at night.  The lamp can have items placed on it for convenience and is a great way of having a low level light illuminate the room and not wake other people up.  I know this item works because I have bought one myself".