Vest Deep Pressure
Vest Deep Pressure
Vest Deep Pressure

Vest Deep Pressure

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Product Description

Deep pressure vest for autism applies compression and deep pressure to the wearer, offering proprioceptive feedback to the body and shoulders.

No weight is used - instead a deep pressure is applied to the body by the tight wrapping of the vest around the body.

Good for:

Challenging and sensory seeking behaviours are often reduced with the application of deep pressure.

Anxiety and distress can be reduced by lowering the heart rate, calming breathing, in turn promoting a feeling of security.

Some autistic children and adults enjoy tight clothing or wrapping themselves up in sheets or a gym mat to give them the pressure they crave - the compression vest works on the same principle and benefits those with tactile and proprioceptive sensory problems.

Promotes a feeling of calmness and security

Can be worn discreetly under a jumper


SMALL -  bodywrap 60cm x 20cm, shoulder straps 35cm (ages 3-7 approx)

MEDIUM - bodywrap 81cm x 25cm, shoulder straps 40cm (ages 7 -14 approx)

LARGE - bodywrap 103cm x 28cm, shoulder straps 51cm (older children, teens and adults)