Drinking Straws With One Way Valve (30 Pack)
Drinking Straws With One Way Valve (30 Pack)

Drinking Straws With One Way Valve (30 Pack)

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Product Description

The Drinking straw with one way valve is simple and absolutely empowers people to drink effectively.  A one way directional straw, this ensures that the straw is always full of liquid.  The problem with traditional straws is that once you have drawn the fluid up and remove suction from your mouth, the liquid then drops back down.  This means further effort to draw the fluid up again and this takes effort.  The one way valve prevents this issue and gives you a constant full level in the straw.  

Glenn Knight CEO Training 2 CARE Group comments,"Theitem.tv is committed to finding the right solutions to encourage fluid intake and hydration.  The straw is made from plastic so this will be something that can be used again and again.  We are totally aware that straws need to be reduced in plastic, however for the sake of improving fluid intake, we are prepared to have this made in this material.  Sometimes the simplest things are the best and this straw really does come into it's own regarding empowering people to drink".