Heated Cushion
Heated Cushion
Heated Cushion
Heated Cushion

Heated Cushion

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Product Description

Buying the right item, for the right condition and at the right time is so important for people that we support but first we need to understand the persons condition.  To give you an example of this, we need to recognise a small difference between a person with vascular dementia and a person with Alzheimer's disease.  A little known fact is that a person who has vascular dementia will find that their core temperature is lower than a person without dementia.  This explains why people with vascular dementia will appear to be colder than the person supporting them is and we recognise this by the fact that they are often cold to touch, may shiver on a warm or hot day and continuously ask for blankets or jumpers.  A person with Alzheimer's disease is often warmer then the person who cares for them. Even in the care industry we will find a person with Alzheimer's removing clothing and even talking all clothes off for no apparent reason, the fact is though that they are communicating with us that they are too warm.  

If you have watched the video, you will know all about this great item and below are just a reminder of some of the advantages:

Enjoy gentle warmth and soothing vibration with our ultra-soft Heated Cushion.

A USB rechargeable battery offers up to 2 hours heat and vibration from a single charge.

Small and portable, the cushion has a removable cover and is ideal for keeping warm on the go or for relaxing at home.

Removable cover.

Glenn Knight CEO of Training 2 CARE Group explains: "The heated cushion is a perfect gift for anyone in care who is looking for comfort and warmth within the environment they live.  It is portable so can be taken outside, on a holiday, to a day centre, hospital and so on.  People with Vascular dementia will absolutely welcome this cushion and should be high on the shopping list of care providers, both care homes or home care and families supporting a loved one.  This doesn't mean that it's just for people with vascular dementia, but it means that you should always look for temperature signs from the person to ensure that this is the right it for them.  If in doubt, seek advise from an occupational therapist or care person and they will always be happy to advise.  This is a lovely made, durable, washable and valuable item that must be considered to make the person as comfortable as possible".