Toilet Exit Sign
Toilet Exit Sign

Toilet Exit Sign

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Product Description

Simple, effective and so important for the care industry and really does commit to this item as a must for the care industry. This item can come pre drilled or fastened with double sided sticky pads so it really is simple to add to any environment.

Glenn Knight, CEO Training 2 CARE Group, Creator of the Dementia Interpreters Course, published author on dementia and dementia specialist comments "Supporting people with dementia is a privilege and probably one of the most important things that anyone can do.  If you can't look at dementia from the person viewpoint then you really shouldn't be supporting them in the first place.  Toilet exit signs are not just obvious, they are massively important to reduce the embarrassment, pain and behaviours that UTI's give. We spend thousands of pounds every year on signage to tell people what is behind a door, they enter and then we totally forget to tell the person how to get out of the door.  The toilet and bathroom exit signs are needed in every toilet, bathroom, shower room and en-suite where people with dementia may go.  This isn't just guess work, this is fact and the sooner organisations start to promote dignity within care by committing to exit signs, then they need to stop announcing that they are person centred.  To be person centred, you need to make an environment fit for purpose for the people that you support".