Radio Controlled (Black Strap)
Interview with Oli Story from Ravencourt Living
Radio Controlled (Black Strap)

Radio Controlled (Black Strap)

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Product Description

On the Item, we are constantly sourcing items that will not only keep you independent but will improve your lives.  The talking watch range is a solution for any person that may have eye conditions that mean looking at a watch face is challenging.  At the press of a button, you will be able to hear the time in a clear English voice.  There are many different types on, but they make a great gift item for all.

Glenn Knight, CEO Training 2 CARE Group comments "If you have worn a watch all of your life then not having one on your wrist really does cause an impact on your daily life.  I have worn a watch for many years myself and if I forget to put it on, then I notice this very quickly and feel lost without it.  If I have an eye condition that meant I couldn't see the face it would be quite frustrating and I would want to have something that could replace this and the talking watch would be a great way of doing this.  We all want to live a full and healthy life but sometimes this just isn't possible due to conditions, syndromes, illnesses or diseases and people around us may need to look for the right solution to give us the ability to maintain the lives we have always had.  The talking watch range gives this, dignity and respect, control and most importantly independence".