Sound Machine Dream Light
Sound Machine Dream Light
Sound Machine Dream Light

Sound Machine Dream Light

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Product Description

The Sound Machine with Dream Light features an innovative dream light that projects on your ceiling, gently illuminating and dimming, allowing you to synchronise your breathing to encourage relaxation and sleep.

Compact sound machine designed to help you relax and drift off to sleep

Innovative dream light to help relax your breathing

Choice of 6 soothing sounds, including babbling brook, rain storm, crashing waves, summer night, fan and white noise

Touch controls with adjustable volume control

3 optional sleep/countdown timers, or machine can be used continuously



Powered by USB cable (included)

Please note: a mains AC wall adapter is not included

USB cable can either be inserted into an AC wall adapter with a Type-A micro USB slot (not included) or into a charging port on a compatible device


Optional Timers

Sleep timer settings, you can choose any of the options below and the sounds and lights will turn off after the number of minutes have passed. If no sleep timer is selected the unit will play continuously.

10 minutes

30 minutes

60 minutes


Technical Specifications

Power supply: DC 5v

Output: 0.4 watts maximum

Speaker: 8 ohm