Steve Slavin

Steve Slavin Steve will be discussing the growing awareness of autistic adults in the workplace, many of whom work successfully across a range of sectors. He wants delegates to understand the importance of personal ambition, in whichever form it takes. Creating a lifestyle that is fulfilling and enhances one's self-esteem.


Steve has been a musician, author, and a filmmaker since the early 1980s. Following his career as a record producer/songwriter, he worked in advertising, producing corporate music and video for companies such as: Glaxosmithkline, Unilever, Danone, Disney-Pixar, Heinz, and The Hard Rock Cafe.

In 2008, Steve received an autism diagnosis. This led to publishing his first book Looking for Normal, a memoir about his late autism diagnosis. Steve is also the author of the Timothy Blossom books. These are about a teenager coming to terms with his autism diagnosis. Apart from his corporate film career, Steve has also, for fifteen years, worked as a specialst tutor for the National Autistic Society, for their adult services.