This is Me - The Heart of the Arts!

This is Me - The Heart of the Arts!

Aston Avery & Moira Brock

Diagnosed with autism at 2 and a half aston also suffered with many health conditions. At 11 he underwent a colostomy and his self-esteem dropped to an all time low.  He battled with his health and mental health. Undergoing numerous operations with long hospital stays whilst attempting to navigate his autism. Told of what he would not achieve and milestones that he may not reach, at one point even suggesting selective mutism. He celebrates finding the arts with theatre school Ladanse fantastique and the power of performing. He shares his highs and lows using a short film. He also promotes autism charity Anna Kennedy Online and the power the Autism Reality Exepreince buses give to its users. Aston formed his own charitable organisation with mum Dawn and Dad Keith and friends back in 2017 called Teamaveryessex ( They run fundraising events to assist other charities and promote their own gifting service Astons pamper project, hand delivering gift vouchers and pamper hampers to local unsung heroes. Aston with the help of his parents and now teamaveryessex have collectively raised near to £90,000 for charities and recently were gifted an Ant & Dec Saturday night takeaway getaway for their efforts.  

Moira principal of mixed ability dance school La Danse Fantastique ( and recently named in the honours list for her work with SEN. Moira will cover the work she and the school do in the autism community and her aspirations to set up an academy where autistic students will have input from autistic teaching assistants. Using the arts to promote inclusion and self esteem. 


Speaker session: This is Me - The Heart of the Arts!

Aston will read a short poem penned by his mum Dawn and play a slide  taken some time ago of his parents being interviewed. You will get to hear their take on his diagnosis and move into a talk by Aston on his mental health. It will end with a slide of local singers with photographs of Astons journey. It will lead into Moira Brock dance principal talking about the dance school aston now assists at. How the school is keen to start a daytime academy for autistic students.

Q & A is available at the end.