Training 2 Care on North Wales TV

The Virtual Dementia Tour from Training 2 Care was recently featured on North Wales TV. The short segment discussed the purpose of the Bus's visit to North Wales and what those who took part in the experience gained from it. The article discussed how the tour targeted adult sufferers and offered them a chance to improve their health and wellbeing. You can watch the video from North Wales TV below:



The piece starts talking about the courses offered by Training 2 Care and how they focus on chronic conditions including dementia. 

During the Dementia Bus's visit to North Wales, there were 36 delegates chosen to take part in the Virtual Dementia Tour. The majority of those chosen were parents of dementia sufferers. The purpose of this experience was to give them a better insight as to the daily struggles faced by their loved ones and, therefore, how they can better help/assist them in their everyday lives. 

During the TV interview, the Virtual Dementia Experience is described being a "Truly unique experience" and "Different to any other [dementia] training that people may have previously undertaken". 

The piece is concluded with the following:


"For carers and loved ones it really is a fantastic opportunity to be able to experience, first hand, what these people have to contend with on a day-to-day basis"


We want to thank North Wales TV for featuring the Virtual Dementia Tour. You can find out more about the Virtual Dementia Tour in the courses section of our website and book the experience online.