DIGeorge Syndrome Awareness

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Course Details
DiGeorge Syndrome Awareness
Course Length:

2 hours

Maximum Number of Attendees:


Main Description:

DiGeorge Syndrome is also known as 22q11.2 deletion syndrome. It is caused by the deletion of a small segment of chromosome 22. Symptoms of the condition can vary and often include congenital heart problems, characteristic facial features, and learning problems. 

There is no cure, however, treatment can improve symptoms. This is usually through a multidisciplinary approach. The approach is aimed at improving the function of organs involved. 

This course will explain that DiGeorge Syndrome is, signs, symptoms and causes as well as managing and supporting individuals with DiGeorge Syndrome.

Learning Outcomes and Assessment Criteria:

What this course offers:

  • Introduction DiGeorge Syndrome

    • Understand:

      • What is DiGeorge Syndrome?

      • Signs and symptoms of DiGeorge Syndrome

      • What causes DiGeorge Syndrome

  • Managing and support of the individual with DiGeorge Syndrome:

    • Discuss: 

      • Treatments available

      • Understand other conditions associated with DiGeorge Syndrome

      • Supporting the individual with DiGeorge Syndrome

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