Safeguarding Children level 2

Full Day Course for upto a Maximum of 15 Delegates

Total: £441.67(Exc VAT)
Course Details

Learning Aims and Outcomes


Course Title: Safeguarding Children – Level 2


Course length – 6 hours

Maximum number to attend - 15


This course is aimed at all staff in health and social care. 

At the end of the training session, there is a short written assessment to evidence the learning of the attendees

Learning Outcome

Assessment Criteria

Introduction – What is Abuse?

·         Define Abuse

·         Explain the different forms that abuse may take. (Including Fabricated and induced illness, emotional and sexual abuse, and neglect) including child trafficking, FGM and radicalisation including prevalence and impact)

·         Explain the relevance of parental, family and carer factors such as domestic abuse, mental and physical ill-health, substance abuse and alcohol misuse.

·         Explain what the term ‘Looked after child’ means

Legislation, Policies and Procedures

·         Explain the importance of safeguarding children

·         Describe the difference between child protection and child safeguarding

·         Explain why children with disabilities are more at risk of abuse

Identify when Abuse may be occurring?

·         List the categories of abuse and describe what is meant by each type

·         Identify indicators of the different types of abuse

·         Explain how to identify when non accidental injuries may have occurred

·         Describe how parental punishment could have an impact on a child’s well being

·         Explain the risks of online social networking and what can be done to safeguard children against such risks

·         Describe the impact of parents/carers physical and mental health on a child’s wellbeing



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