Pre-Course Information
“ImaginationGYM® is a sensory relaxation programme based on audio stories, light touch therapy, essential oils, nature and music in a specifically quiet environment. It is aimed at people with Dementia to assist with relaxation, pacing issues, sleeping problems, agitation, group interaction and music and nature awareness. It can also be used to meet needs of other residents in adapted ways.”
The activity workshops use a combination of music therapy, massage therapy, visual and sensory stimulation techniques to enhance the relaxation and concentration processes. The workshop creates a calm, quiet and relaxing environment for both participants and staff and can be used in one to one settings and with larger groups. The benefits of the programme include:
• Relaxation skills
• Concentration/Focusing skill
• Group work
• Communication skills
• Word recognition work
• Behaviour management
• Decision-making skills
• Sleeping problem
Who should attend this course?
Whilst anyone working in health and social care can undertake this training, it is ideally suited for people who are responsible for activities within their organisation. The course will teach delegates how to run sessions of the Imagination Gym for residents in health and social care settings. Only people who have completed the training will be permitted to run sessions. It is important that the person undertaking the training is committed to providing meaningful activities for residents and will run the Imagination Gym sessions in accordance with the methodology.
DAY 1 Course Content
• History of ImaginationGYM – research and pilot • Principles of the ImaginationGYM methodology • Activity Therapy Workshop
• Aromatherapy Oils Usage
• Simple Massage Techniques
• Workshop Space Preparation
• Specific Approaches for Dementia
• Specific Approaches for Alzheimer’s
• Evaluation & Feedback
• Support Services
DAY 2 Course Content
• Individual Feedback & Case Studies
• Activity Therapy Workshop
• Aromatherapy Review & Additional Oils
• ImaginationGYM methodology – Left/Right Brain Integration
• Simple Massage Review & Additional Techniques
• ImaginationGYM methodology – Imagination
• Self Care in your Working Environment
• Additional ImaginationGYM method Workshops
• Closing Session
The two training days are spread over 4 to 8 weeks allowing for practical implementation
of the workshop during this period. Full support is provided during the duration of the
training programme and thereafter
What do you need to run the Imagination Gym for people who use our service?
• A quiet room which will not be disturbed during the session. This is not just for the
training session but for all Imagination Gym sessions that will be running in the
organisation. Running sessions in a communal area such as a lounge will not work.
• A culture within the organisation that supports the programme and works
together to ensure it is used to its full potential for the benefits of
residents/service users.
• If a quiet room is not available, sessions can be run with residents on a one to one
basis in their own rooms (or their own home for people working in the community)
• Time. The person delivering the sessions will need sufficient time to set up and
run sessions.
If you have any questions please contact us on 01376 573999.