Fiddle Muff - Activity Apron
Fiddle Muff - Activity Apron
Fiddle Muff - Activity Apron
Fiddle Muff - Activity Apron

Fiddle Muff - Activity Apron

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Product Description

Sensory stimulation has been shown to not only bring enjoyment but also to fight anxiety and depression while increasing social interaction.From a psychological view point, having the ability to have something that you own and control is very important, however if that item also gives you comfort and reduces feelings of anxiety, then it is a needed item.The fiddle muff has proven to give a sense of wellbeing and can help people to express themselves with the ability to personalise to tell people about them.The fiddle muff activity apron is an attractive, tactile, multi-sensory comforter with additional benefits. The soft, warm fabric is irresistibly tactile and made all the more interesting with attractive colours and additional features that keep fingers exercised and relieve tension and restlessness. A wearable item, this can go with the person wherever they go and has the added benefit of protecting clothing.

Glenn Knight CEO Training 2 CARE and Creator of the Dementia Interpreters Course comments "If you are supporting a person with vascular dementia, you may have noticed that they constantly tell you they are cold.Indeed many will wrap up in warm clothes even in the hot summer months and will feel cold to touch.It has been widely recognised that a person with vascular dementia may be between a 1/2 degree and even a degree colder than a person without vascular dementia.In some cases their temperature difference will help doctors to interpret the type of dementia they have and direct them towards a diagnosis of vascular dementia.With colder core temperatures, the person may start to experience peripheral neuropathy and you will start to notice that they often rub their fingers together and this is where twiddle muffs can really help.Having the ability to fiddle with balls, buttons, beads, tassels and fabric will help them to relax and control the sensations of numbness or 'pins and needles' that they may experience in their fingers.Finally, having the ability to encase their hands in the inside of the fiddle muff will keep their extremities warm.I 100% recommend this item to help people with vascular dementia although I also recommend that the fiddle muff is checked regularly for lose beading etc to prevent accidents."


  • Braided tassels to the edge of the apron
  • Soft and squeezable anti-stress ball
  • 6 Clear and removable pockets for personalisation and reminiscence images
  • 4 Tactile pockets to the front
  • Adjustable and safe strap to secure
  • Machine washable