Fall-Out Mat
Fall-Out Mat

Fall-Out Mat

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Product Description

Do you need peace of mind? Need to ensure that a loved one is safe even when sleeping? Then the high-density foam filled fall-out mats are vital for you.  These mats are designed for a low-level bed or a hospital bed reduced in height for a great and safe nights sleep.  Many people with learning disabilities, dementia and other injuries will experience pains or aches even when they are sleeping and therefore will re-position their bodies at night.  We all want to make sure that they are safe and if they fall out of the bed, we can reduce the impact and ensure that they are not causing long term injuries. Laying next to the bed, the fall out of bed mats are the ideal solution and are flame retardant to British Standard B7177.  

Glenn Knight, CEO Training 2 CARE Group comments "Keeping a person independent as long as possible will help to slow the progression of conditions, syndromes, diseases and illnesses such as dementia and learning disabilities.  This item is probably not something that you want to buy and will look passed it, however being proactive rather than reactive will help to make you home a safer place. I have said many times while speaking at conferences that the home is the new hospital and we need to constantly risk asses to ensure that we make the home as safe as possible.This isn't just a at home item, it is something that care homes should have as a when required because peoples conditions and risks can change within a very short period of time,  Finally, It is so important to focus on cleaning and how items can be cleaned, the great news with this is that you simply wipe it down with a mild detergent or sterilising fluid and then store in a cupboard when not in use."