Porcelain Nose Cup x 6
Porcelain Nose Cup x 6

Porcelain Nose Cup x 6


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Product Description

This porcelain nose cup with 2 handles is a great drinking aid for people with swallowing disorders. It is ideal for independent drinking.

  • Optimised nose cut - prevents overstretching of the head
  • Suitable for swallowing disorders / dysphagia
  • Light porcelain (240g)
  • Extra large handles - easy to grip
  • Porcelain for real table culture
  • Perfect for warm drinks
  • Can be used as a nose or mouth cut mug
  • For left and right handers
  • High quality porcelain in the catering standard
  • Microwave safe, dishwasher safe
  • Made in EU

Thanks to its nosepiece, the mug allows the head to be held upright. The head does not have to be overstretched backwards - this often leads to swallowing if fluid enters the windpipe.

The nasal cup is particularly suitable for warm drinks. Tea and coffee tastes better from porcelain than from a plastic cup! The material porcelain increases the sensitization on the lower lip when drinking, as it assumes the temperature of the drink. Even with cold drinks, the cup can be better perceived in the mouth.

The two extra large handles are easy to grasp. They are shaped so that they can be gripped with up to four fingers. The mouth can either be set on the flat edge and the cutout used for the nose. When used the other way round (mouth is attached to the neckline), the user has a high feeling of security that no drinks can leak at the corners of the mouth. The neckline securely encloses the mouth up to the corners of the mouth. This is very helpful for people with reduced sensitivity in the mouth and lip area.

This drinking aid also offers help to all people who, for example, suffer from Parkinson's disease, a stroke, multiple sclerosis, tumour diseases, ALS, dementia or age-related difficulties in swallowing, or who have mobility restrictions in the throat and neck area.

Material: hard-wearing hard-paste porcelain, dishwasher-safe
Capacity: 0.2 l
Weight: 240 g