Unbreakable Tumbler 300ml Tinted x 15

Unbreakable Tumbler 300ml Tinted x 15

Set of 15

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Product Description

Why should conditions, syndromes, diseases or illnesses prevent us from being able to enjoy all of the things in life that we have always enjoyed? We just need to adapt the items that we currently have to be able to continue to enjoy our lives and this includes the ability to use glassware.  We may not be able to handle heavy glasses full of liquid or it may be a risk to injury if we use glass and it smashes, but we can always use non obvious adaptations for safety, independence and dignity.  The unbreakable glass range gives us the right items to do this and is a great way of engaging with people over a drink.

This has the added benefit of being tinted for people with eye conditions that make clear glass and water impossible to see.

Glenn Knight, CEO Training 2 CARE Group comments "If you do not provide the right items to encourage independence and choice then you are doing a disservice to the person you are supporting.  Just because you are in a situation where glassware is starting to become impossible to use, you still should give the choice to the person on what they would like to drink from by providing the correct items to make it happen.  If a person would like to drink a beer, wine or spirits, how can we stop them as it is their right especially if they still have the capacity to choose and no medical reason why they shouldn't.  These items will not be for everybody but are great to have around if they do want a tipple".