Leg-Up Leg lifter
Leg-Up Leg lifter
Leg-Up Leg lifter
Leg-Up Leg lifter
Leg-Up Leg lifter

Leg-Up Leg lifter

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Product Description

For many, especially those recovering post-surgery, lifting your leg can be difficult and often painful. Previously simple tasks like getting in and out of bed can be challenging and may require the help of a carer or loved one.

Use from a seated or lying position, a Leg Lifter is designed to help lift your leg when you need to re-position. Whether getting in and out of bed, the bath, the car, or simply putting your feet up. Leg Lifters take the strain making it easier to elevate your leg, without having to ask for help. Simple independent mobility aids like a Leg and thigh lifter really can help. The leg lifter can be used by yourself of by a carer or nurse to aid the patient for a variety of situations in the ward or at home.

Here are the key 5 features of the leg and thigh lifter:

  • Comfortable, wide, well-padded handle can be used with one or both hands or on the wrist
  • Extra wide foot loop, Ideal for post-surgery or injury. The Leg-Up will comfortably fit around dressings, casts or protective boots.
  • A rigid leg strap that is easy to control with minimal effort.
  • An invaluable way to help improve blood flow into your legs by lifting and lowering your limbs manually, rather than pulling at your clothing.
  • Made from a wipe clean polypropylene webbing for easy cleaning