Mini Mist Fan
Mini Mist Fan
Mini Mist Fan

Mini Mist Fan

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Keep cool this summer with a this really the only time of year for a fan?  For the care industry, fans are needed pretty much most of the time as people will experience increased body temperatures throughout the year.  Have you had a illness that has made you reduce the amount of clothes you wear even in the winter? If you have ever been in hospital or in a care home then these too are hot places, travelling in a vehicle sometimes will make you feel unwell and again hot, anxiety increases core body temperature and even doctors will take your temperature to translate it into a diagnosis.  Fans are one of the most under recognised but vital tools for our industry.  They give you comfort, reassurance and reliability of always being there as and when you need them.

The Mini Fast fan is one of the premier fans on the marketplace and is also economic and great for the environment with rechargeable batteries that can run for up to 5 hours on a single charge.You can choose between 2 speeds, add the option of misting and the device is so quiet that it is perfect just to have on the bedside cabinet when you are sleeping.

Published dementia Writer Glenn Knight comments "if you want to always be sure that someone is comfortable in their environment then a fan is a must have item.  It is so obvious that people need to have independence and control their own temperature as they know how they feel a lot quicker then you will notice.  Being too hot is not an experience that any of us would like, indeed if a person with aphasia (lose ability to speak) was very hot, then how would they tell you? would they have to just rely that you will notice? The Mini Fast fan solves this issue and the great news is that it can go with the person to a hospital or on holiday.  A great item that I have even bought for myself."