Alcohol and Drug Awareness

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Course Details
Alcohol and Drug Awareness
Course Length:

3 to 6 hours

Maximum Number of Attendees:


Course Description:

Drug and alcohol addiction affect many people. This course will help provide you with tools to understand this complex, difficult, and often sensitive, subject. We will help you to recognise some of the myths, misconceptions, and legal facts surrounding drug and alcohol use.

This course covers many topics relating to drug and alcohol use, misuse, and addiction. It covers skills and knowledge on supporting recovery. It is suitable for anyone who would like to increase their understanding on substance abuse, its causes, and its effects. Whether you work in, or want to work in, health and social care, rehabilitation or counselling roles.

Learning Outcomes and Assessment Criteria:

What you will learn on this course:

  • An overview on the effects of alcohol consumption

    • Have an awareness of the effects of alcohol consumption in terms of: Hospital Admissions, Mortality. 

    • You will be able to define: Government Recommendations for Alcohol Consumption, Hazardous Drinking and Harmful Drinking. 

    • Identify the physical signs of alcohol dependence. 

    • Identify the psychological signs of alcohol dependence. 

    • Discuss long term effects of alcohol. 

    • Effects of binge drinking. 

    • Legal, health and social implications of alcohol use. 

    • Identify signs and symptoms of alcohol withdrawal. 

    • Different treatments available for alcohol withdrawal.

  • An overview of the effects of drug use

    • Discuss: 

      • What is a drug?

      • Why people use drugs?

      • Identify the main drugs commonly used and distributed:

        • Legality

        • What do they look like?

        • How are they taken?

        • Effects

        • Signs of use

        • Risks

      • Stages of Use

    • Drugs and the human body

At the end of the training session, there is a written assessment to evidence the learning of the attendees.

This course can be tailored to the bespoke needs of the customer.  Please speak to a member of the sales team for further details.

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