Bladder Washout

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Bladder Washout
Course Length:

1 to 2 hours (depending on group size)

Maximum Number of Attendees:


Course Description:

People with long term catheters are typically at more risk of requiring bladder washouts. This is because of the build-up of sediment in the bladder that can cause blockages in the tubing. Poor nutrition and hydration can have an impact on how much sediment is produced. Where urinary flow is impeded it can lead to further health implications.

The procedure of how to perform bladder washouts will be demonstrated and can be practised on a manikin. 

Learning Outcomes and Assessment Criteria:

What this course offers:

  • Bladder Washout

    • What is bladder washout?

    • Responsibilities of the individual administering must be in line with local company policy. 

    • Indications for use

    • Contra indications for use

    • Documentation

    • Procedure for bladder washout including practical demonstration on a manikin.

At the end of the training session, there is a written assessment to evidence the learning of the attendees.

This course can be tailored to the bespoke needs of the customer.  Please speak to a member of the sales team for further details.

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