Continence Care

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Course Details

Learning Aims and Outcomes

Course Title:  Continence Care

Course length 3 hours

Maximum number to attend - 15

This course is aimed at all staff in health and social care. 

The course will increase the delegates knowledge of the reasons for incontinence and the products available in order to support individuals.

At the end of the training session, there is a short written assessment to evidence the learning of the attendees.

Learning Outcome

Assessment Criteria


      Define incontinence


      Understand why incontinence occurs



Stress Incontinence

      Define stress incontinence


      Explain why it occurs


      Understand the basic functioning of the urinary system.



Urinary Incontinence in the Aging Male

      Understand continence problems associated with elderly males


      Describe different treatments


      Name neurological conditions associated with urinary incontinence



Available products 

      List the products that can be provided for individuals.

      Describe the range of assistance that might be required and why

     these might differ.

      Identify and describe any limitations that may need to be considered.


Bodily wastes and the abnormalities that need reporting.

      Identify and record abnormal patterns of bodily waste.


      Describe appropriate methods for disposing of bodily waste.


      Explain how and why changes in bodily waste should be monitored,


            reported and recorded.

Health and Safety

      Describe appropriate methods of dealing with spills of body waste.


      Discuss infection control issues when dealing with body fluids.


      Describe how materials contaminated by body fluids should be dealt with.


      Explain why an individual should be left with a means of summoning help.  

Identification and resolution of issues in continence care.

      Assess the appropriateness of care workers undertaking specific

    continence activities with individuals.

      Identify appropriate actions related to infection control and how to

    resolve any related conflicts. 


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