Take on Dementia Conference 10th July 2024

Take on Dementia Conference 10th July 2024

Take on Dementia Conference 10th July 2024



Join us on the 10th July for an outstanding event packed full of amazing speakers and access the life changing Virtual Dementia Tour.

The fight against dementia is one that all of us have a part to play in, and takes so many different forms. It involves the search for cures and treatments, providing the best possible care to people living with dementia to enable them to live well, and changing society for the better to support all of those affected by dementia, including friends and families of those living with dementia who all too often struggle in silence.  

Over the last couple of decades, awareness of dementia has increased remarkably and some of the long held stigmas are slowly starting to fade away. However, anyone affected by dementia will tell you that there is still so much more we can, and need, to do.

A recent study by the charity Alzheimer’s Research UK has found that there is still a huge amount of misunderstanding about dementia. For example, around a third of the participants in the study where unable to name any risk factors associated with developing dementia. A fifth of participants also responded that they thought dementia was a normal part of aging. 

Dementia is the UK’s leading cause of death, but just under half of the participants did not identify the terminal nature of the condition. You also still hear people using words such as “suffering”, “challenging”, and “aggressive”, amongst many others, when describing what they think of when they hear the word dementia.

The same study also showed that for half of all people, dementia is the health condition that they fear more than any other. And over half of those surveyed said they knew someone close to them who had been diagnosed with dementia. So, what does this research show us?

It shows us that dementia is affecting more people than ever before, and that it is something that more people than ever before are aware of and thinking about. It is also shows that there is still so much misunderstanding of dementia, which in turn lead to negative perceptions of what life might be like for people living with dementia. This in turn means that a lot of people living with dementia, and those affected by dementia, may not receive the support that they require to live well. 

This does not have to be the case. With better awareness and knowledge, we can make some simple changes that can dramatically improve the lives of everyone affected by dementia. And with dementia affecting more people than ever before, this has to be an absolute priority for the whole of society.


Take on Dementia Conference 10th July 2024Take on Dementia Conference 10th July 2024Take on Dementia Conference 10th July 2024
PK BevilleMichelle MinorsLydia Beaton
Take on Dementia Conference 10th July 2024Take on Dementia Conference 10th July 2024Take on Dementia Conference 10th July 2024 
Anne ChildClaire DoddOur Dementia Choir 


The Take on Dementia Conference 2024 aims to empower everyone lucky enough to attend to take up arms in the fight against dementia and do their bit to make the world a better place for all those affected. To achieve this aim, we are incredibly fortunate to have a host of incredible, internationally renowned, speakers attending the conference who will be delivering some incredible talks.  

These speakers come from a diverse range of backgrounds and will be sharing stories about the inspirational and pioneering work they have been involved with. Everyone can learn from the lived experiences, personal challenges, and inspiring success stories that these speakers will be sharing at the Take on Dementia Conference 2024. And this in turn will help all of those in attendance to make some incredibly simple, yet transformative changes which can help all of those affected by dementia.

Take on Dementia Conference 10th July 2024

 All delegates attending the Take on Dementia Conference 2024 will also have access to the incredible Virtual Dementia Tour. This immersive experience will allow you to walk in the shoes of a person living with dementia, and experience what the world might be like for them. This life adjusting experience has been undertaken by hundreds of thousands of people across the UK, and many more around the world. It has allowed people to gain a unique insight into how life might be for people, and has led to people making some incredible changes to make the world a better place for people living with dementia through the deeper empathy the Virtual Dementia Tour has given them.

Playing our part in the fight against dementia is not just an aim, it is a responsibility. Whether your role is to help in the search for cures and treatments, to provide support to families who have been directly impacted through having a loved one diagnosed with dementia, or provide care and services directly for people living with dementia, we all have a role to play. If we all play our part, there is so much we can achieve, and the Take on Dementia Conference 2024 will help support you in this mission.



Our Dementia Choir

Take on Dementia Conference 10th July 2024 Our Dementia Choir, please donate if you can: www.justgiving.com/ourdementiachoir 

Our Dementia Choir have kindly provided us with an exclusive recording that shows the history of the choir, a short performance from the choir themselves especially for the conference, and conversations with some of the choir members. We are incredibly thankful for the choir getting involved, and would like to extend an extra special thank you to Emma and Jess for making this happen.

‘Our Dementia Choir’ began as part of a documentary created for BBC1 in 2018. The two-part series saw acclaimed actress Vicky McClure take us on a deeply personal journey where she sets out to discover the true extent of music’s power in combatting dementia.  Vicky knows only too well the cruelness of dementia having helped care for her grandma who died in 2015.  Vicky also saw the amazing effect the music had in calming her down as well as giving glimpses of the old Nana. 

Vicky formed a choir of people all living with dementia in her hometown of Nottingham to see whether music can make a measurable difference in their lives in 2018… The result: Our Dementia Choir.

Joining forces with some of the country’s leading experts, the choir took part in ground-breaking scientific studies to measure their emotional and physical responses to singing over three months of regular sessions….proving that people living with dementia can still achieve something truly remarkable.

The choir has had such an immeasurably positive effect that its members have continued to meet since the first show aired.

The Event

Our conference is being held at our offices, the address is: Training2Care, The Fairways, Spitfire Drive, Earls Colne Business Park, Colchester, Essex, CO6 2NS.

If you are using a satnav search Training2Care, rather than the postcode. This will bring you directly to our building, if you use the postcode it will only bring you to the estate we are based on.

Tickets are £30 per person, which includes lunch.