Virtual Dementia Tour FAQ

  • How long are the sessions and how long do the delegates need to be there for?

    The sessions are 2-2.5 hours long, the delegates need to be there for the full duration of the session they are booked onto, the session will comprise of the experience itself, followed by a detailed debrief that lasts around 1-1.5 hours. 

  • How big do the 2 rooms need to be for the in-house training?

    One room is for the actual Virtual Dementia Tour experience and needs to be large enough for 4 people minimum and we must be able to control both the internal and external lighting. The second room a holding room and a debrief room which must be large enough to seat 12 delegates and the trainer.

    Experience training will bring all the equipment neccessary to conduct the Virtual Dementia Tour.

  • What size is the Mobile Unit?

    We usually advise to allow 4-5 car park spaces to be coned off for the mobile unit to be parked in.  The vehicles do have electricity but we would ask for an electrical point to be available for multiple day bookings.

  • Do we get Certificates after training?

    Yes, we issue certificates of attendance which will be accessed through our web site once the course is complete and payment is made.

  • Is there any difference if I book the mobile unit or in house training?

    The actual training itself is no different, it is just literally a different way of providing the training, and is a different cost due to additional fuel, insurances and staff cost.